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HS-ABX First picture in "Kingpower.com" special colours! (mehr von HS-ABX)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1488026 / 58 Aufrufe
HS-ABD in "Amazing Thailand" special colors! (mehr von HS-ABD)
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Email Autor Korrektur ID #1486453 / 28 Aufrufe
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HS-LAI Happy New Year to everyone from northern Thailand! New aircraft in the database, delivered in December 2017! (mehr von HS-LAI)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1484141 / 30 Aufrufe
XY-AMH New airline from Myanmar in database! (mehr von XY-AMH)
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RA-65693 Alrosa announced that they will retire their TU-134 due to the lack of spare parts and high operating costs next year. So this is your last chance to fly with the last TU-134 in regular passenger service in the world based in Mirny seen here decelerating after a flight from Irkutsk. I arrived on this Soviet aircraft built in 1980 earlier that day from Novosibirsk! (mehr von RA-65693)
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XU-356 New color sheme for Cambodia Angkor Air with titles "Proudly serve the Kingdom". (mehr von XU-356)
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UK-91108 Sorry for the stairs, but I think this one is rare enough to share as planespotting is not really tolerated in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways is the only operator of the IL-114, but there are plans of a new variant to be build. This is actually the first pic in the database of this IL-114 seen here boarding for the once weekly operated domestic flight to BHK. It was really a scary flight experience with a lot of turbulences and strange noises of the aircraft - a once in a lifetime experience. (mehr von UK-91108)
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HS-STC stored in HKG since March 2016, but still looks airworthy. (mehr von HS-STC)
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B-MCE c/n 6938. Delivered in January 2016. New in database! (mehr von B-MCE)
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VN-A651 c/n 5295 and delivered in March 2015. Wearing "9000th Airbus Aircraft" special decals. New in database! (mehr von VN-A651)
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B-HYB now with Cathay Dragon and wearing "The Spirit of Hong Kong" special colours! (mehr von B-HYB)
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B-17001 painted in "Bad Badtz-Maru" special colors. New in database! (mehr von B-17001)
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JA02JC Second ATR for Japan Air Commuter (JAC), but first in database! Delivered in September 2017. (mehr von JA02JC)
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JA8642 First picture with this special sticker! (mehr von JA8642)
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JA812X New sticker on both sides! (mehr von JA812X)
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JA73NK Now with "Hanshin Tigers" sticker! (mehr von JA73NK)
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JA8677 Now wearing some special decals. (mehr von JA8677)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1478399 / 207 Aufrufe
JA248J First picture in "Universal Studios Japan (JAL Minion Jet)" special colours! (mehr von JA248J)