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F-WZNR A7-ANA s/n 88 1st A350-1000 for QTR perform its engines run (mehr von F-WZNR)
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The picutre at Tegel airport changed pretty much since the last flights of Air Berlin took place! Now the big Lufthansa jets park in front of an otherwise rather empty (former) Air Berlin terminal!
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D-AIBA The outstanding first Star Alliance livery. Paperprint-Scan. (mehr von D-AIBA)
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D-ABUH Condor Business Class during the stopover in Barbados enroute from Martinique to Munich. (mehr von D-ABUH)
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UK-91108 Sorry for the stairs, but I think this one is rare enough to share as planespotting is not really tolerated in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways is the only operator of the IL-114, but there are plans of a new variant to be build. This is actually the first pic in the database of this IL-114 seen here boarding for the once weekly operated domestic flight to BHK. It was really a scary flight experience with a lot of turbulences and strange noises of the aircraft - a once in a lifetime experience. (mehr von UK-91108)
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C-FNNH Air Canada's new livery makes its debut in Sydney on AC33 (YYZ-YVR-SYD) (mehr von C-FNNH)
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HS-STC stored in HKG since March 2016, but still looks airworthy. (mehr von HS-STC)
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EC-CBA Cold and grey day at FRA. Other impressions than usual. Kodachrome-25-slidescan. (mehr von EC-CBA)
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D-ABTK Arrived after our TXL-FRA-TXL trip, with D-ABVZ and D-ABTK. Greetings to the friendly crew-members! (mehr von D-ABTK)
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spotting location RWY 01 with C-GHKX on short final
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D-AIZX Lufthansa was awarded the first Skytrax 5 Star airline in Europe. For this reason two aircraft were painted with 5 Starhansa titles. (mehr von D-AIZX)
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EP-MMT Deicing after airport is open after more than 4hrs closure. (mehr von EP-MMT)
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D-ASEE together with its sister D-ASEF (mehr von D-ASEE)
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F-WZFE S/N 165, 2nd A350 for MAS wearing wonderful "Negaraku" livery. Seen here during 1st engines start. Will be 9M-MAC (mehr von F-WZFE)
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EC-BBT Last operator Spantax / Ex.: HB- IBP Swiss Air ; SAS SE-CCH ; JAL JA6306 / Preserved Binter colours sponsored / Last of 350 units. (mehr von EC-BBT)