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D-HHMB c/n 1432. Colorful Raven serving as a flying billboard for Sparkasse group. (mehr von D-HHMB)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #724617 / 370 Aufrufe
N90703 c/n 42865. The 6th DC6 built. Scrapped a short time later. (mehr von N90703)
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CP-1319 c/n 22428. Stored without wings. Airline unknown. (mehr von CP-1319)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #697659 / 164 Aufrufe
CP-1617 c/n 253. Still in its former basic Air Haiti c/s, this aircraft is on its way to the Beni province for a meat run. Crashed 6 weeks later during a wheels-up landing. (mehr von CP-1617)
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N156WC c/n 43193. Fitted with Rolls-Royce Dart engines. Unfortunately, this rare DC3 variant was w/o in APR84 when it impacted with a C-130. (mehr von N156WC)
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N5696D c/n BA-422. Not much left of this Beech 18. Used for parts by Blackhawk Airways. (mehr von N5696D)
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OE-XFH Unusual vistor at EDKB (mehr von OE-XFH)