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NX4235Y "Mrs. Virginia", the only airworthy P-51A (NA-99) at Planes of Fame Air Museum. Powered by an Allison V-1710-81 V-12, this model was an improvement over the P-51 (NA-91) with its V-1710-39 engine. Armament was changed from the long-barrelled 20mm Hispano to four 0.50 in Browning MGs. A contract was placed for 1,200 of which 310 were built, with 50 going to the RAF before production switched to the Merlin-powered P-51B. Under Col. Phil Cochran, the P-51A served as a fighter in 1ACG in the CBI theatre. (mehr von NX4235Y)
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N235WN Approach RWY 07R. Very noisy place near the highways and some streets, and aircrafts become only visible short before pushing the button of your camera. The aircrafts always jumped out of a palm tree :-) (mehr von N235WN)
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RA-73235 Ex. VQ-BWG with new RA registration. (mehr von RA-73235)


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T-235 Last ever flyby after takeoff to the ney owner Omega Air in the US. This day marks the very end of registered and operated DC-10 in Europe . (mehr von T-235)
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T-235 oday the Netherlands Air Force made with its last KDC-10 a farewell flight all over the Netherlands with low approach over many airports and airbases. Here on approach back at its base. The final flight of Europes very last DC-10 to new owner in the US will take place on October,25th. (mehr von T-235)
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XS235 A sad situation at Bruntingthorpe where the airfield is now used for car storage and the live aircraft that are capable of being taxied are now stored in a small corner of the airfield surrounded by containers. Also seen here is the Victor XM715 and the Nimrod XV229 (mehr von XS235)
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