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ZD4052 Hovering over the active at about 4 deg. nose up pitch, this ALH prepares to land in the morning at Aero India 2021 with its main rotor rotating at 314 rpm. This is the fixed wheel variant with a maximum AUW of 5750 kg. The ALH can carry an electro-optical pod, an array of sensors and up to 14 troops. It can land at helipads at 20,000 feet. (mehr von ZD4052)
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N405KZ Morning arrival at Narita, ex JA05KZ. (mehr von N405KZ)
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N405DX First Landing of an A330 Neo at DUS - Diversion due to Bad Weather Conditions at AMS (mehr von N405DX)
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N405DX - first landing of that type @ DUS. Diversion SEA AMS due to fog. (mehr von N405DX)


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N405DX With the first day of fall we also got our first diversion due to fog from AMS - 1st landing of an Airbus A330neo in Dusseldorf (mehr von N405DX)
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