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64-15476 On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Huey ‘492’ is painted to represent a 20th Special Operations Squadron “Green Hornets” helicopter that rescued a seven-man team of Green Berets on Nov. 26, 1968 in Vietnam. The pilot, 1st Lt. J. Fleming was awarded the Medal of Honor for the mission. (mehr von 64-15476)
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MM54477 Overflight on The 'Altar of the Fatherland' (Altare della Patria), which is the most famous part of the monument, is located just past the entrance stairway, in front of which stand the Stake of Honour and the great statue of the goddess Roma with its golden background. (mehr von MM54477)


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N747NA taxing to rwy 33 for the second testflight! It is clearly visible in the background where this shot was taken ;-) (mehr von N747NA)
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N747NA coming back from the first testflight during its long maintenance visit at LHT! (mehr von N747NA)
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ZA947 BBMF C-47 Dakota (ZA947) entertaining the crowds at City airport & Heliport Manchester (mehr von ZA947)
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B-2047 "50e Anniversaire Chine-France" livery (mehr von B-2047)