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20-5595 Belgian Air Force Days 2023 - USAF F-35 Demo Team (mehr von 20-5595)
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52-6526 On display in the Cold War Gallery at NMUSAF. The swept-wing F-84F Thunderstreak was completely different to the straight-wing F-84 Thunderjet. It was powered by a Wright J65-W-3 engine rather than the Thunderjet’s Allison J35. The Thunderstreak equipped USAFE squadrons and a large number were supplied to NATO countries under the Mutual Defence Assistance Program during the Cold War. It could deliver a nuclear bomb using LABS. This aircraft served in Europe and the Ohio ANG before being flown to the museum in 1970. (mehr von 52-6526)
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54+16 RIAT 2023 - SKYTANKER - air to air refueling demonstration (mehr von 54+16)
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141735 On display at Yanks Air Museum. This is one of 199 F-11F-1 Tigers built, redesignated F-11A in 1962. Intended as an upgrade for the F9F Cougar, the Tiger bore little design resemblance. It first flew on 30 July 1954 and was ordered for its supersonic performance. The F-11 started carrier operations in 1956 and was withdrawn by 1961, serving with seven USN squadrons. Delivered in 1957, this F-11 served with VF-21 "Mach Busters" in CVG-8, then with VT-23 "Professionals" and VT-26 "Tigers" till 1967. (mehr von 141735)
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