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60591 On display at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force after being restored by its Restoration Division. Donated by Boeing in 1959, this Kaydet is painted to represent a Navy N2S-5 but is actually 42-17800. Kaydets with different engines had different designations; this PT-13D is powered by a 220 hp Lycoming R-680. The Kaydet was a well-liked primary trainer and thousands of Allied pilots trained on it during World War II. (mehr von 60591)
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RA-86059 Shortly before touch down on the old runway 25R near the village of Bohnsdorf. (mehr von RA-86059)
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D-6059 100 Jahre Flugplatz Bonn-Hangelar. (mehr von D-6059)
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B-6059 From Dubai nonstop to Beijing, you have the choice of Emirates A340-300, Air China B767 or this China Southern A330-200, recently upgraded from a B757, even though B777s have also been used before. New reg for the database. (mehr von B-6059)