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RF-85655 Taxxing towards the terminal after landing on RWY 14L. Incredible sound! (mehr von RF-85655)
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RF-85655 Finally we got a Tu-154 in CGN again. We miss the smoking queen. (mehr von RF-85655)
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RA-86559 A support aircraft for Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's delegation on an official visit to Berlin. (mehr von RA-86559)
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RF-85655 RF-85655 For me the highlight in 2019, lifting up from Runway 06 direction Moscow-Chkalowsky in the only 20 minutes of sun for the rest oft the day. The nearly 30 spotters at the fence were very quiet in that moment. (mehr von RF-85655)
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RF-85655 What an elegance and what a sound, take-off from Runway 06 with a nice coloured forest (Koenigsforst/Kings forest) in the back direction Moskow-Chkalowsky. (mehr von RF-85655)