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HS986 Restored Spitfire on display at IAF Museum Palam in the markings of the Advanced Flying School (AFS) based at Ambala. The chakra worn by RIAF aircraft from 1947-50 has replaced the roundels. The IAF received Spitfires in Oct. 1944 and a number of variants were taken on charge from the RAF to equip fourteen squadrons and flying schools. After Hurricanes, the entire RIAF fighter force was equipped with Spitfires by mid-1946 before the Tempest II was inducted. (mehr von HS986)


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N986NN first pic of this reg in database (mehr von N986NN)
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N986AR c/n 48426 l/n 468. Built in 1991 and delivered to Alitalia as I-DUPA. Ceased operations June 2018! (mehr von N986AR)
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N986AR Great special today! This very faded looking MD-11F came in today, direct from Miami. Sorry for eventual heat haze (mehr von N986AR)
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N986JB first pic of this brand new plane and Reg in databse, del. 06/10/2017! (mehr von N986JB)
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RA-65986 Second TU-134 within one hour! New in database! (mehr von RA-65986)