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A23-046 Got to love full prop blurs! 1/20th handheld. {RAAF Museum Air Pageant 2006} [EOS 350D + EF 90-300 USM] (mehr von A23-046)
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A23-046 With a slight breeze in our faces, the smell of burnt Jet A-1 was fantastic! [Olympus C-740] (mehr von A23-046)
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A23-046 Would be a great experience burning around in one of these little rockets. However i dont think my stomach would be up to the gazillion G's the pilots pull!! [Olympus C-740] (mehr von A23-046)
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A23-046 A very nice surpirse on arrival were the Roulettes with 3 of their PC-9s. Oh and a RAAF Herc! [Olympus C-740] (mehr von A23-046)