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A7-AEA Finally... The whole of DOHA in just 1 photo!!! Starting on the left, you can see the new airport NDIA (HIA) (lowest lights on the left side) as well as the current (old) airport DOH (the long strip without lights, stretching towards the sea). Continuing towards the upper right along the shore from there, you can see Doha Port (rectangular lights at the shore), the corniche along the shore all the way down to Westbay (you can se e blueish and greenish lights there, highrise district). Continueing further towards the right, you can see the St. Regis Hotel, followed by Katara and eventually the Pearl Qatar, including the area with the few private islands (lights going into the sea as a line, middle lower part). On the very far right you can see the Lusail City construction area (scattered blueish lights). The highway that goes towards the upper part of the picture (right under the winglet) is the Dukhan Highway. Taken to a direction facing the West. Right side is North, Left side is South. (mehr von A7-AEA)
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A7-AEA Approaching Munich (mehr von A7-AEA)