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A7-BBE QR 734 inbound from DFW diverted to MUC due to an unruly passenger on board. Rumors say, the unruly passenger also damaged a lavatory door. The aircraft was able to continue the flight to DOH later this afternoon. (mehr von A7-BBE)
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A7-BBE Sunset over Sudan while enroute from EZE to GRU to DOH... This is the view from seat 10 A. First row of Economy Class. (mehr von A7-BBE)
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A7-BBE Rear section of the B777-200LR's Business Class. Consists of 3 rows. (mehr von A7-BBE)
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A7-BBE The longest flight on QR's network is Buenos Aires - Sao Paulo - Doha. (Longest non-stop is Doha-Houston). It takes exactly 18 hours from take off in Buenos Aires to landing in Doha. Despite the length of the flight, the 3-3-3 layout in Economy Class enables you to have a very comfortable flight. (mehr von A7-BBE)
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A7-BBE Very nice and very rare upgrade today. (mehr von A7-BBE)
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A7-BBE delivered only days before, first in db. (mehr von A7-BBE)