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XV236 c/n 08011 of the Kinloss Wing overshooting with the main undercarriage nearly up, after a training radar approach. What a fantastic sound as she applied full power to pull away. (mehr von XV236)
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G-LGNJ c/n 340B-173 departing for the Highlands and Islands. (mehr von G-LGNJ)
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TF-CSC New aircraft to the fleet, possibly ex HB-AEE c/n 3005 (mehr von TF-CSC)
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G-TIGS c/n 2086 arrives with another load of oil rig workers (mehr von G-TIGS)
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G-MAJJ c/n 41024 departing for NWI after a very noisy power back from stand (mehr von G-MAJJ)
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G-CCYH c/n 145070 coming onto one of the International stands (mehr von G-CCYH)
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G-SSWR c/n SH.3670 waits for the next night flight for the Royal Mail. (mehr von G-SSWR)
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G-SSWC c/n SH.3686 waits for the next night flight for the Royal Mail. (mehr von G-SSWC)
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F-GUBC 10:00pm, the airport is closed due the night and all nightstopper are home. (mehr von F-GUBC)


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