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VH-TAK Just landed with a bit of smoke to prove it (mehr von VH-TAK)
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VH-VQI coming in to land on rwy 23 with the CBD in the background (mehr von VH-VQI)
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B-HOV Coming into land on RWY 05 with a very strong cross wind (mehr von B-HOV)
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VH-NSP sitting out in the rain waiting to be called into action (mehr von VH-NSP)
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VH-VXB. I managed to capture the beacon while Yananyi Dreaming was departing from runway 12/30. A rare sight indeed, mainly due to the high winds and the approaching storm. (mehr von VH-VXB)
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VH-VQK... as Craig said, it's the newest in the Qantaslink 717fleet, and here in ADL it made a proving flight for the ADL-OOL flights which start on the 20th of June. (mehr von VH-VQK...)
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9V-SRE Laying down on my stomach to get this shot!! "The things we do." (mehr von 9V-SRE)
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9V-SRE View from the forward cargo hold prior to loading. You can see the city of Adelaide in the background. (mehr von 9V-SRE)