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Email Autor Korrektur ID #595752 / 57 Aufrufe
ZK-JGS c/n 226-140. Painted as 140563, coded NJ-563 of VA122 Sq having propeller maintenance carried out. (mehr von ZK-JGS)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #585331 / 152 Aufrufe
ZK-CKH c/n 25, painted as NZ6001, she is owned by a New Zealand Warbirds syndicate, and is flown in the colours of NZ6010 when it wore the serial mistaken reg of NZ6001, (which was allocated to a Meteor). The real NZ6010 was written off 15/01/1960 on the Beardsmore Glacier, Antarctic (mehr von ZK-CKH)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #585312 / 222 Aufrufe
N74821 c/n 1696. This derelict airframe is laying in very bad condition, robbed of all useable spare parts. No ID can be seen on the aircraft, but the remains of the American Star and Strip can just be seen under the cockpit and the remains of the US Navy blue paint. ex Bu 48334 (mehr von N74821)
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ZK-EPG c/n 13135 is ex NZ5911 of RNZAF (reg still visible). Built in 1954, she was retired from active service in 1977. Now in 'open store' she is in bad condition with many parts missing. (mehr von ZK-EPG)
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ZK-DSM c/n 17262374 is up for sale and looks in nice condition (mehr von ZK-DSM)
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ZK-CAG c/n 28492 and ex 42-104730, painted on the RH side as A29-1050 (and A29-448 on the LH side) about to start up and depart on a local flight. (mehr von ZK-CAG)
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8008 Stored in fair condition, this aircraft is up for sale by the owners.
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A3-XRH c/n 41052 in temporary store having fled Tonga during the uprising. New reg to database. (mehr von A3-XRH)
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