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5H-VAN Overview of Arusha Airport, the gateway to the Serengeti! A huge number of Caravans and other aircraft use the airport and some of the aircraft that can be seen are 5H-VAN, 5H-MEK, 5H-TOM, 5H-NYR, 5H-WOW and Precision Air's ATR72 5H-PWC. In the background is famous Mt. Neru. (mehr von 5H-VAN)
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5H-KEG Regional Air is a well-established small airline in northern Tanzania and this aircraft was seen flying again a few days later. First photo in database. (mehr von 5H-KEG)
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5H-IKI The absence of any marking makes it hard to attach it to one of the operators in Arusha, but well informed sources confirm it is flying for Air Excel. (mehr von 5H-IKI)
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5H-SMK The tail of this is aircraft is painted in wonderful red colours! The company has based a number of aircraft here, to take tourist to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara or other places in the country. The door is kept open for ventilation. (mehr von 5H-SMK)
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5H-NYR Doing scheduled and charter flights out of Arusha, this company is one of the airlines taking tourist around Tanzania. In the back is beautiful Mt. Meru! (mehr von 5H-NYR)