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D-AIGA No Eritrean Business Class passengers onboard... (mehr von D-AIGA)
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D-AIGA before departure to FRA via JED. Business Class would fill up in JED. (mehr von D-AIGA)
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CCCP-12114 damaged beyond repair during the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict and now on display at Asmara Expo Park. (mehr von CCCP-12114)
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5Y-BMW The aircraft (ex Aero Zambia) was damaged at Asmara by a fuel truck in late May 1998. While awaiting repair, the airplane was strafed by a MiG fighter during a raid on June 5th and damaged by small calibre gun fire. Wiring damage behind the cockpit was of such nature that the whole area needed to be re-wired. It was decided not te repair the plane. The Boeing was purchased by International Air Parts and was stripped of the engines and other parts. The Eritreans proceeded to cut off the wings and tow it for three kilometers down the main airport road to the Expo site. (mehr von 5Y-BMW)