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HB-ALN This beautiful turboprop has already been in service around the world: Its first operator was Air Tahiti/French Polynesia (F-OHJC), followed by Exel Air/Netherlands (PH-XLS), CCM Airlines/Corsica (F-GHNS), Air Deccan/India (VT-ADQ), Solenta Aviation/South Africa (ZS-XCC/C9-SAM/ZS-XCI) and Zimex Aviation. Arrived LNZ from St-Gallen-Altenrhein (flight XM402). Now starting its engines on a ferry flight back to EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse/Freiburg Intl. (mehr von HB-ALN)
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F-OIXD Airport overview on a quiet Saturday morning with only two regional ATRs on the ramp (mehr von F-OIXD)
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SX-GRI A nice looking regional airliner gliding down towards Heraklion Airport on arrival from Kos Island as schedule SFH 121. (mehr von SX-GRI)
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