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AEE-319 Landing at the Mariscal Sucre Air Force Base from La Balbina, on a sunny morning with a beautiful background with trees of the mountains near the Pichincha Volcano. It arrived here, in an air force base, to participate alongside two Ecureuil, three Mi-171 in the air parade for the 213 years of the First Call of Independence of Ecuador. Now wearing a "NATO Green" livery instead of the old white livery. (mehr von AEE-319)
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AEE-319 Eagle view from the ATC tower of this Lama SA315 that arrives at "La Balbina" after participating in the rehearsal of the commemorative air parade of the Independence of Ecuador. (mehr von AEE-319)
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HB-XII Leaving his Landing Site after a "Flying Saw" Operation operating for Wucher Helicopter GmbH. (mehr von HB-XII)
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HB-ZHZ Good old Lama is going to be retired the next year. Until this date, she is still working reliable. (mehr von HB-ZHZ)


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HB-XII take off for another mission in the Swiss Alps (mehr von HB-XII)
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HB-XII moments before the next mission in the alps of Zermatt, in the background you can see another Lama in action (mehr von HB-XII)
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HB-XII c/n 2251, built in 1979. New registration to the database. (mehr von HB-XII)