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ZS-OSI Morning takeoff in typical foggy weather. Scan from paperprint-negative. (mehr von ZS-OSI)
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ZS-OZV Taxiing to takeoff after diverted on flight to HHN the evening before due to bad weather. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von ZS-OZV)
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ZS-OZV Spotting in JNB is amazing.In A couple of hours you see active types of aircraft thatr you do not see in Europe in years!! Former Alitalia I-DIWJ later used by Pacific East Air, MGM Grant Air and Kitty Hawk Int. (mehr von ZS-OZV)
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ZS-OSI Carrying horses for a competition in Estoril... After 2 years escaping from me, finally i catch this beauty! (mehr von ZS-OSI)
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ZS-OSI Regular visitor @ EDDP but very hard to catch in motion. (mehr von ZS-OSI)
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ZS-OZV one of the last active Douglas DC-8s around, seen sitting on the OST ramp awaiting a new cargo mission (mehr von ZS-OZV)