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PH-DTL This DC-10-30 had her first flight on December 3rd, 1974 and the delivery date to KLM was on February 26th with immediate lease to Garuda Airways in full colours. In 1976/77 PH-DTL was leased, only for ten months, but in full colours to Thai International, named "Sriwanna" and registered as HS-TGC. This aircraft was also seen as PH-DTL in full colours of her owner KLM and as YV-139C in the colourscheme of VIASA in 1991. Last active operator was Africa One, registered her as 5X-ONE. Thirty years after her first flight she was scrapped at Kemble, UK. (mehr von PH-DTL)
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5Y-VIP So common then, a distant memory now ... (mehr von 5Y-VIP)
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5Y-MBA Taxiing to stand after landing on rwy 05R. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von 5Y-MBA)
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5Y-MBA After landing on rwy 05R taxiing to stand. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von 5Y-MBA)
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HB-IBF Film scan. Ex KLM machine, the PH-DEM. (mehr von HB-IBF)