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TU-TAS Arrival at the Open Day/Portes Ouvertes Base Aerienne 106 Merignac. Paperprintscan. (mehr von TU-TAS)
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YU-AKL This JAT- Boeing 727-200adv.had been leased together with sistership YU-AKK from May 1983 until June 1986 to Air Afrique. She is seen here at Lohausen with additional sticker "Universiade 87"- Official Carrier/Zagreb Yugoslavia (World University Games), operating a flight for JAT/Jugair. (mehr von YU-AKL)
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TU-TAN Photographed on a rainy New Years Day 82 at Cointrin-Airport. Note the freshly painted Swissair-Technique pusher. TU-TAN was acquired by AOM as F-GTDG in February 1995 and flown for ten years until retirement and dismantling at Opa Locka, Florida. (mehr von TU-TAN)
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TU-TAT In the first year of operation, delivery to Air Afrique was on September, 13th in 1984, and photographed at Roissy- Airport from Zone Technique`. TU-TAT caught fire during taxying at Dakar-Yoff on February, 11th 2000 and was damaged beyond economical repair. (mehr von TU-TAT)
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TU-TAM Air Afriques third DC-10 parked in that corner, which in common is known as zone technique`.Other stations of her career: HS-TGB Thai Intl in 1975/76 and from 1992 F-GNEM AOM / Cubana and at least wfu Nimes after collapse of Air Libert. (mehr von TU-TAM)
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TU-TAL `Libreville`after a short stopover at Ciontrin on the way to Paris. Note the pusher in the old, grey `Swissair`- colours. (mehr von TU-TAL)
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TU-TXT was one of only six, originally ordered by and buildt for Eastern AL DC-8-63PF, a `Super Sixty` with strengthened cabin floor for operations also as full freighter. She was leased from UTA from June 1977 until May 1979 and is seen here landing at Marseille-Marignane. Operating for UTA as F-BOLL this DC-8 was destroyed by a bomb at Njamena, Tchad on March, 10th in 1984. (mehr von TU-TXT)
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TU-TAL `Libreville` in the original colours, with silver body below the cheatline, taxies into position at Cointrin-Airport. In 1996 this aircraft was sold to AOM as F-GDTI and on Dec, 21st in 1999 it overrun the wet runway on landing at Guatemala City and crashed into houses past the runway end. (mehr von TU-TAL)
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N185AT Air Afrique leased this Tristar-50, buildt in 1973 for Delta Air Lines as a model -1, from October 1989 until October 1990 from American Trans Air. N185AT is seen parked next to hangar 8, where she had received maintenance by LTU. The Tristar-50 had a higher MTOW, strengthened fuselage, wings and undercarriage. (mehr von N185AT)


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F-WZXP c/n 282. > TU-TAT. Arriving at Finkenwerder with french registration for outfitting. (mehr von F-WZXP)
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F-OJAF freighter conversion at Dresden, engines with strange cover (mehr von F-OJAF)