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D-ABDE Taxiing towards Rwy 28 for take-off. Transferred to Chengdu Airlines as B-6728 in 2010 and still active there. (mehr von D-ABDE)
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D-ABGH Rolling for take-off on Rwy 18. Later operated by Belair for five years as HB-JOY and then again as D-ABGH by LGW on behalf of Eurowings. Stored since December 2018. (mehr von D-ABGH)
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D-ABQI About to touch down on Rwy 15, operating the weekly flight from Rimini. (mehr von D-ABQI)
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D-ALPJ Taxiing towards Rwy 23L for departure. Stored in Lourdes and then Clark (Philippines) in 2017-18, before joining Malaysia Airlines as 9M-MTX. This was the only factory-fresh A330 that Air Berlin received, while all the others came from LTU or were second-hand airframes. (mehr von D-ALPJ)