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D-ABZI this is what i call a RETRO jet... two years after the last Air Berlin passenger flight, this one is still operating in AB cls (mehr von D-ABZI)
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D-ABHA One of the last "full" Painted Air Berlin operating for EW (mehr von D-ABHA)
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D-ABZI Today exactly two years ago Air Berlin announced to cease operations at the end of October 2017. But till today some a/c still fly in AB colors like this one on late evening approach on rwy 23 R tonight. (mehr von D-ABZI)


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D-ABHA c/n 3540. Built in 2008 and delivered to TAM as PR-MHV (mehr von D-ABHA)
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D-ABHA flying for Eurowings. Is it the last one in full AB colors ? (mehr von D-ABHA)