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VT-DVA Aircraft was sold in 1989 to the USAF for the KC-135E reengine programm (mehr von VT-DVA)
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VT-ALJ First picture of Air India's Star Alliance aircraft in db! (mehr von VT-ALJ)
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VT-EVB Air India with call sign "Air India One" approaching Hannover RWY 27R directly from Paris-Orly. Bringing the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi to the Hanover Fair Opening together with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. (mehr von VT-EVB)
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VT-ESO Indian Prime Minister Modi leaves Berlin the original airplane VT-EVB had an engine problem and it muste a replacement airplane VT-ESO are ordered which was on the move immediately about, from Mumbai to TXL, and at 6:00 o'clock in Berlin TXL landed (mehr von VT-ESO)
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VT-EVB Departure of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Hannover (mehr von VT-EVB)
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VT-EVB "Velha Goa". Flight AI1 from Orly with prime minister Narendra Modi on board for inaugurating the Hannover Messe. Taken with great 18mm. (mehr von VT-EVB)
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VT-EVB After landing on RWY 27R from Paris-Orly (ORY/LFPO). (mehr von VT-EVB)