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F-OJGF This is one of the planes I wanted to see most and finally they towed it past me :) (mehr von F-OJGF)
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F-OSUN "Moorea" - this livery has to be seen in real life just to realize how splendid it is (mehr von F-OSUN)
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F-OJTN Tahitian beauty on finals to 25L from CDG. [Canon 10D] (mehr von F-OJTN)
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F-OSUN This is why every spotter should visit CDG. Amazing colours, too bad the sun didn't show up (mehr von F-OSUN)


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F-OHJT This ATR 72 aircraft is taking off from rwy 04. Air Tahiti (not to be mixed with Air Tahiti Nui) is the domestic airline operating interisland flights in French Polynesia. Its fleet consists of ATR 42-500 and ATR 72-500 aircraft. (mehr von F-OHJT)
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F-OITN "Bora Bora" is about to roll down Rwy 22 to the terminal at the end of a touch-and-go training flight. As there is no taxiway at Faa'a airport, the aicraft have to roll up the rwy they landed on or roll down the opposite rwy. (mehr von F-OITN)
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F-OITN Bora Bora is taxiing on runway 04 at Tahiti-Faa'a. It has just landed during a touch-and-go pilot training flight. In the background, Moorea, Tahiti's sister island can be seen beyond the shimmering waters of the deep channel (2400 m) separating both islands. Mount Tohiea, Moorea's summit (1209m) is just behind the aicraft tail unit, partly concealed by clouds, the second mountain about the middle of the photo is Mou'a Puta (the pierced mountain) (mehr von F-OITN)
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F-OJGF named Mangareva.The aircraft has just landed at Tahiti-Faa'a on its home land, putting an end to its maiden voyage from Toulouse - Blagnac (France). Please note the little flags flying at the canopy windows. In a few minutes, the aircraft will be greeted by President Gaston Flosse whose initials appear in the aircraft registration number. Gaston Flosse was born on the island of Mangareva. (mehr von F-OJGF)
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F-OSUN On short final for RWY25L at LAX. (Nikon Coolpix 4500). (mehr von F-OSUN)