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G-BMNC Previously registered as D-AMAX and operated by Germanair, Bavaria Germanair and Hapag Lloyd, was in service with Dan-Air London, one of Britain`s largest independent airlines, only for two years. Other operators thereafter were Air Inter and Holiday Airlines, with registration F-GIJU, Translift/Trans Aer and Sobelair, as EI-TLB. (mehr von G-BMNC)
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D-AMAX named �Maximilian`, an early buildt A300, c/n 12, in the basic colours of the first owner Germanair. From 1988 onwards this A300 was in service with Dan-Air London as G-BMNC, later with Air Inter and Holiday Airlines as F-GIJU, and finally with Translift AW / Sobelair as EI-TLB. (mehr von D-AMAX)
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SX-BEH Bad weather day, old colourscheme while T2 is under construction. Paperprintscan. (mehr von SX-BEH)
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N124TN delivered in 1980 to Eastern Airways. With TNT since 2000 as EC-HQT, retired in 2009. (mehr von N124TN)
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EI-OZB the cockpit has been cutted out of the airframe and was stored in a hangar (mehr von EI-OZB)
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HL7223 Picture taken 3 months after the airport opening. (mehr von HL7223)
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OO-TEG s/n 017 basic TEA livery, scan from slides, personnal collection (mehr von OO-TEG)
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D-AMAP s/n 009 scan from slides, personnal collection (mehr von D-AMAP)
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TC-ACZ What a colorful cargo ramp! In my opinion the greatest spotting day in Cologne in 2012! :-) (mehr von TC-ACZ)