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HS-PGY shot made with the very last raise of sun (mehr von HS-PGY)
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OE-LYY Approaching Vienna Intl. from Las Palmas/Gran Canaria Island somewhere over Slovenia. Today flight EW 5907 is operated by OE-LYY (ex Germanwings D-AGWQ). Picture taken from seat 14F. (mehr von OE-LYY)
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S5-AAP Flight JP 3949 starting its way for a ferry flight to Ljubljana-Brnik after completing a charter from Tallinn/Estonia. (mehr von S5-AAP)
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OE-LYZ Aboard holiday flight EW 5906 from Vienna-Schwechat to Las Palmas/Gran Canaria Island. This photo was taken as we were turning to approach for RWY 03L straight over the airport which can be seen the left part of the picture. Window view from seat 19F. (mehr von OE-LYZ)
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LZ-AOC Nice Hyprid ! It`s a three in one , LZ-AOC is flying for Germania , leased from Bulgarian Eagle in basic Shaheen Air colors ! (mehr von LZ-AOC)
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