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A6-EHC Etihad first flight to S„o Paulo. With Abu Dhabi Gran Prix stick. (mehr von A6-EHC)
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A6-ERB One of only 10 A340-500s in the fleet is being pushed back. (mehr von A6-ERB)
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HS-TLD The sole Thai Airbus A340-500 currently in flying condition mostly flying on behalf of the Thai Government. Apparently this plane is available for sale according to various websites (mehr von HS-TLD)
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A6-ERE The two airlines that rule Dubai! They both have their share in the big business and are both growing like mad... (mehr von A6-ERE)
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HS-TLA 3 out of 4 Thai Airbus A340-500s are currently stored at DMK while one is kept in flying condition. Quite sad to see 7 year old airframes in condition like this with a very uncertain future (mehr von HS-TLA)
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A6-EHC Nice movement operating for an Air Berlin A330 the route AUH-DUS. (mehr von A6-EHC)
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