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A6-EOO On final approach to runway 14. (mehr von A6-EOO)
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A6-EOM On final approach to runway 14. (mehr von A6-EOM)
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A7-APE cabin view @ 51e Salon International de l'Aerospace et de l'Espace 2015 - Paris Air Show 2015 (mehr von A7-APE)
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HL7622 is my 7.000th picture on planepictures.net! Even though it is not a very rare or special colored aircraft, it however was made during one of my best planespotting experiences... a helicopter spotting flight 1.000ft above the airport of LAX :-) In over 10 years as an active plane spotter, I have met many great people and I'm looking forward to everything I will experience in this hobby in future. Greeting to my friends, all spotters around the world and the whole planepictures.net team! (mehr von HL7622)