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Check out that C-124! Six C-5's are visible (one is in the hangar, only the tail can be seen).
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N737SP A new BBJ despertaly trying to stop on GED's 5000 foot runway. All new BBJs come through GED to have their long range tanks installed. Will be FAC0001 (mehr von N737SP)
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N67WM c/n 30-1044. ex N7948Y. On short final to runway 5 at Spruce Creek. There's a lot to take in on this shot. First off, note the word Private in bold letters at the end of the runway, that gives you an idea as to how exclusive this place is. Next note how close the golf cart path is to the runway! You can't make it out, but there is also a bench under the tree to the left of the runway which is great for photography. There is even a P-51 holding short! (mehr von N67WM)
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N733KT My neighbor floating by me in his beautiful 172. Check out the "Space Ship" we have which acts as an FBO. (mehr von N733KT)
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N702DE Climbing over runway 15/33 at ESN in the sixth different 172 I flew into ESN that month (they have a good diner). (mehr von N702DE)
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N733KT Departing on a very windy day (check out wind sock). The only interesting thing on the ramp today is a nearly new Malibu. (mehr von N733KT)
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N2526T One of Delaware's greatest pilot skimming over my head in his beautiful Navion. He saw me just as he was rotating and decided to have a little fun. (mehr von N2526T)
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A really fun and short strip. The runway is only 1300 by 40 feet with trees on all four sides. The runway has a pretty steep slope and you have to watch out for that 152 sitting only feet from the runway's edge.
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N53RD c/n 500-0415. Built in 1981. One of the nicest paint schemes I've seen on a Citation. (mehr von N53RD)
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N50CK The co-pilot should really consider buying a clipboard! (mehr von N50CK)
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N6SP The captain's office of this old Commander. (mehr von N6SP)
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N910HL c/n 208B1080. Built in 2004. > C-FDJN. Two pilots in a Caravan? (mehr von N910HL)
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N288AM It's starting to get a little busy. A beautiful BBJ is on the roll while ship 288 and PJ-WIM hold short. (mehr von N288AM)
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N75SP A brand new 407, registration used to belong to a Long Ranger. (mehr von N75SP)