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CS-TEH Awesome performance of the last A310 on TAP and "Asas de Portugal"! Love this "heavy" and I'll miss him for sure. (mehr von CS-TEH)
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PT-MVD Mr.Wingspan complete start-up to departure to MIA! (mehr von PT-MVD)
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PR-GOZ Nice Boeing 737-800 with winglets! Dedicated to my friend Eric Thiago and my friend Sabrina Guilhem! (mehr von PR-GOZ)
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PT-OGS One of six Abaetes C208A! Abaete having quality of first world in your operations, services, maintenence... (mehr von PT-OGS)


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PP-SEC This aircraft is one icon of aviation in Bahia! R.I.P 14Mar2007 15nm out from SBSV (mehr von PP-SEC)
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EC-GOT Last flight of AIR PLUS COMET in Porto Seguro. Air Plus rewarded the aviation lovers in this city with their beautiful and daring takeoffs! A310 has an incredible similarity with the small dog that my girlfriend possesses: short and fat! (mehr von EC-GOT)
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PT-MFO c/n 110058 Ex FAB2158 - Cabin of one of Abaete Airlines' three EMB110. (mehr von PT-MFO)
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PT-MNH Ex. Air Pacific DQ-FJB.Here is a famous airplane in the Bahia's aviation, November Hotel in this picture still shows the FELIZ 2001 sticker, later it started to be the first logojet of Brazil with painting of the newspaper GAZETA MERCANTIL, later it passed the dealer of kerosene oil BR AVIATION and now it is without announcers (mehr von PT-MNH)
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PT-KTR Beautiful light on the PT-KTR! After an intense rain in Salvador, the sun appeared among them forming a beautiful scene! The PT-KTR it rests after one more stage Salvador - M.S.Paulo - Salvador in the hangar of AeroStar (mehr von PT-KTR)
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PR-GOU This aircraft ex-LAPA / LV-ZON! GOL this a airline of moment in brazilian aviation! (mehr von PR-GOU)
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LV-ZSS One of the most frequent aircrafts in the summer of 2001/2002 in Porto Seguro, unhappily it doesn't fly more in the Dinar. Picture dedicated to my friends in the Dinar (especially pilots, dovs and stewardesses!) (mehr von LV-ZSS)
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LV-WTY The magic "VIRGEN OF SAN NICOLAS" (Christian name of LV-WTY). Outstanding presence in the summer of 2001 in Porto Seguro. I dedicate that picture the all my friends of the Dinar, company that I worked with a lot of pride and love! (mehr von LV-WTY)
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PT-SSO Beautiful color scheme of RIO SUL. That painting announced the desperate unification of VARIG with their subsidiaries in the race to escape of the bankruptcy. (mehr von PT-SSO)
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PR-BRD Heavy charter operation of BRA Rotatur in BPS. Notes the PR-BRA (Ex.EuroAtlantic) in pushback and PR-BRD load paxs. (mehr von PR-BRD)
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PT-MVD The first operation of A330 in Porto Seguro Airport. TAM makes a best quality services in brazilian aviation, founded by Cpt.Rolim in 1976 with few EMB110, 26 year later have over 100 aircrafts between Fokker 100, Airbus A319/320 and Airbus A330. Dedicated this pic to my friend Dimas and my love Alessandra Vidal (mehr von PT-MVD)
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PP-SEC a famous aircraft in Bahia's aviation. Edit: Sadly crashed on 14Mar2007. (mehr von PP-SEC)
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PT-MND Ex. HL7261. November Delta is second 737-500 in Nordeste history. (mehr von PT-MND)