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PT-MZJ Flight JJ-3760 had just arrived from Londrina (LDB) (mehr von PT-MZJ)
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PP-XMB departing to La Paz, Bolivia (LPB) to performs some tests at high altitude elevation. (mehr von PP-XMB)
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PT-RLW Panel of a safe, good handling and speedy piston-driven aircraft. (mehr von PT-RLW)
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PT-RLW This aircraft is made in Brazil by Embraer in the Neiva plant, located in SDBK. Embraer builts light aircrafts under license from Piper since 1975. (mehr von PT-RLW)
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PT-MZT Departing to Sao Paulo (CGH) as flight JJ 3775 (mehr von PT-MZT)
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PR-GOM Cleaned and ready for a new flight. (mehr von PR-GOM)
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PR-GOM view of Flight Attendants seats and Fwd Galley. (mehr von PR-GOM)
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PR-GOM Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Flight Instruments. (mehr von PR-GOM)
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PT-MZV Cleaned and ready for a new flight. (mehr von PT-MZV)
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PR-MAC Just arrived from Sao Paulo (CGH) as JJ-3774. The engines still running and the crew prepares to shutdown. (mehr von PR-MAC)
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PP-VJL End of Electra's era... This was the second L-188 operated by Varig. After 30 years of good services they were replaced by B737-300 in the SDU-CGH shuttle service. (mehr von PP-VJL)


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PP-SNN Since 1983 VASP flies with three A300B2: PP-SNL, PP-SNM and PP-SNN. (mehr von PP-SNN)
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C-FTCA Parked at the gate waiting crew and passengers for a long flight back to Toronto. This plane now has Air Canada liveries. (mehr von C-FTCA)
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PP-SPH Flight VP4353 departing to Sao Paulo (GRU) in a nice sunshine brightness. For more than 30 years VASP flies everyday to Campo Grande with its 737-200s. (mehr von PP-SPH)
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PR-MAK The sticker on the plane's nose is a homage to the famous Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna, died ten years ago during a F1 ride in San Marino. (mehr von PR-MAK)
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PP-VQU A high speed passage (Flaps UP) (mehr von PP-VQU)
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PP-VQU A B727 low passage about 15 feet above the runway was one of the most impressive atractions in the Expo Aero Brasil 2004 (Brazil Aeronautical Exposition) (mehr von PP-VQU)
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PR-GOP Arriving from Cuiaba (CGB) as G3-1737. This is the biggest airliner in regular service to CGR. (mehr von PR-GOP)
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PR-GOK Flight G3-1737 departing to Sao Paulo (CGH) (mehr von PR-GOK)