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D-EZOO This year's Portuguese Aerobatic Team for the international championships. (mehr von D-EZOO)
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D-EZOO One of the most amazing paint schemes that I've ever seen!... belongs to one of the pilots from the Portuguese Aerobatic Team. (mehr von D-EZOO)
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D-EZOO Everything is possible in an air-to-air photoshoot as long as you plan in advance!... this year's Portuguese Aerobatic Team for the international championships. (mehr von D-EZOO)
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D-891 Hot Blade Exercise was the first big test for the brand new Dutch F model Chinook. (mehr von D-891)
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19609 Departing for a Combat SAR mission at Hot Blade Exercise Spotters Day. (mehr von 19609)
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LX-N90451 An unforgettable moment at the Real Thaw Exercise Spotters Day: a NATO AWACS performing a touch n'go with four Spangdahlem based A-10's breaking formation about 1000 feet above... this was the last ever exercise for 81st Fighter Squadron before the unit's disbandment. (mehr von LX-N90451)
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D-ERXA Although we were flying a Robinson R44 helicopter, both pilots did a wonderful job matching the speed of our aircrafts, keeping them in formation for this air-to-air photoshoot! (mehr von D-ERXA)
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OK-SUU47 The first Skyleader 500 in Portugal! (mehr von OK-SUU47)
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OK-PUU88 The first ever built (and up to now one of a kind) Skyleader 100, now based in Portugal! (mehr von OK-PUU88)
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LX-N90446 Changing heading towards Beja Air Base while recovering from a mission at Real Thaw 14 Exercise... German Captain and Portuguese Co-Pilot in a rare AWACS cockpit picture in flight, approved for public release. (mehr von LX-N90446)
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LX-N90446 Two American radar specialists discuss the battlefield status during a mission at Real Thaw 14 Exercise... rare picture of an AWACS cabin in flight, approved for public release. (mehr von LX-N90446)
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PH-BXB Must have been quite a view for the 125 children onboard the 737! Luchtmachtdagen 2013. (mehr von PH-BXB)


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Q-17 Awesome maneuver by the Dutch Air Force Apache Solo Display at Luchtmachtdagen 2013. (mehr von Q-17)
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15236 Giving the spotters a fantastic topside view while departing the BA5 Open Base, inbound its homebase in Beja. It's not everyday that you get to see a camouflaged Alpha Jet flying, and with a full kit of weapons installed!! (mehr von 15236)
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NH-210 Face to Face with a stunner at Hot Blade Exercise, after returning from an afternoon sortie... picture taken during the Spotters Day! (mehr von NH-210)
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RA-09342 One of the best moments of the 100th Anniversary Airshow of the Russian Air Force, the flyby of the mighty Antei... the contra-rotating propellers generate an amazing sound that can be heard miles away! (mehr von RA-09342)
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D-102 A Dutch Chinook leads the way for two German CH-53G while departing for a night mission at Hot Blade Exercise... picture taken at the Spotters Day! (mehr von D-102)
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52 The 5th generation russian stealth fighter, the Sukhoi T-50, gets followed close behind by a MiG-29M-2 at the 100th Anniversary Airshow of the Russian Air Force... this was the T-50's second public appearance! (mehr von 52)
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16701 First ever special scheme for a PoAF C-295M, for the 10.000 flying hours milestone, and also the first one to carry the new Portuguese Air Force (Fora Area Portuguesa) titles, that will be fitted to the rest of the 295 fleet... seen here rolling for the presentation ceremony after its first flight! (mehr von 16701)
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16803 Awesome departure at the Monte Real Open Base, returning home (Montijo Air Base) after participating in the static display for the 60 years of the Portuguese Air Force! (mehr von 16803)
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I-X010 The 4th generation ultralight Blackshape Prime poses for the photoplane with some serious tight formation flying, during it's official presentation in Portugal, so close that my 17mm's weren't enough to frame the whole aircraft at some point of this flight! (mehr von I-X010)
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15124 Departing for another mission at Real Thaw Exercise, during the Spotters Day! (mehr von 15124)
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RF-94113 The amazing lines of the Blackjack at the 100th Anniversary Airshow of the Russian Air Force... those four Kuznetsov NK-321 engines sure produce a fantastic sound when they fly overhead! (mehr von RF-94113)
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CS-TNQ Reaching the outer marker for runway 03 approach, after sunset, we're going to start a left turn to the city of Lisbon. In the middle you can see the Tagus River, that reaches the Atlantic Ocean behind us... the perfect way to end a trip to Moscow, after attending the 100th Anniversary Airshow of the Russian Air Force! (mehr von CS-TNQ)
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92-3896 The USAF Thunderbirds #5 and #6 perform the showstopper Mirror Pass maneuver at the practice day of the 100th Anniversary Airshow of the Turkish Air Force! (mehr von 92-3896)