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9V-MGD Now carrying Singapore Airlines colours. Pictured departing for Bandar Seri Begawan (mehr von 9V-MGD)
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VR-HUD moking the mains with a touchdown in the morning on runway 31 at Kai Tak and the famous Hong Kong skyline in the background (mehr von VR-HUD)
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9V-SPK Tropical, one of the greatest schemes to ever have graced our skies (mehr von 9V-SPK)
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9V-SMK During March, the angle of the sun allows me the opportunity to photograph aircraft landing on 02L from my apartment during sunrise. Very occasionally, everything lines up, sun, plane, clouds, light. This morning was one of those mornings (mehr von 9V-SMK)
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9V-MGB We finally got a Singapore Airlines B737-800, returning home from a test flight. Doesn't she look great!!! (mehr von 9V-MGB)
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4R-ALS This Sri Lankan A332 is a passenger aircraft, however during COVID it predominantly carries freight. Which I suspect is the same for other aircraft in the fleet. However this is the only aircraft that has received additional "cargo" titles (mehr von 4R-ALS)
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HB-IWO Takeoff shot from the viewing deck at Zurich. I arrived in Zurich that morning from Singapore and landed in heavy fog. I feared that my plans of a day's photography in (any) good light were in danger. But at around 0930, the sun broke through and mixed in with the condensation to give me a photograph that I love (mehr von HB-IWO)
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N4508H First flight was July 20, 1981. Delivery date was September 30, 1981. Other serials - N1785B with The Boeing Company, and also N4508H with China Airlines & Transatlantic Intl Airlines. Stored at MZJ (Marana) in March 1997 as N4508H, & slowly broken-up - for spare parts (mehr von N4508H)