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ET-022 A glance from the backseater! Special NORD markings which refers to a Danish Childrens TV show. (mehr von ET-022)
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304 The back seater filming his pilot's arrival to Leuchars 2006 airshow.
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XX349 The front seater having a glimpse before almost rolling inverted! What an angle! (mehr von XX349)
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05-5153 (HH) 'Spirit of Kamehameha-Imua'. Brand new, out of the paint shop and new on the database is Hickam AFB eighth and final C17, arriving here for the delivery ceremony. (mehr von 05-5153)


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ZA405 Humidity and mositure make splendid vortices at low level! (mehr von ZA405)
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ZJ917 - 17(R)Squadron. Call sign 'Monkey One' leads the formation as they depart the tanker! (mehr von ZJ917)
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XV188 A graceful but low pass through a Scottish valley. (mehr von XV188)
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ZG729 - 13 Squadron from Marham seen Pulling a tight turn around a glen in Scotland. Look at all those vorices coming off the wing tips and leading edges. Amazing! (mehr von ZG729)
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ZD843 Still wearing 15R squadron markings, this Gr.4 is from Marham 'dropping in' low level in the Scottish mountains. (mehr von ZD843)
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XX970 (EH) Looking down onto water as this Jaguar passes low and fast (mehr von XX970)
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N499MC A busy time for the ground crew as they use a main deck to offload the cargo from the nose. A great sight to see from so close! (mehr von N499MC)
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G-JECL The footballing legend, George Best wearing Manchester Utd. football strip. Flybe have dedicated an aircraft in his honour named 'The George best' Best served from 1963 to 1974 with Man. Utd. (mehr von G-JECL)
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ZE162 (111squadron) This F3 of the 'Tremblers' really did come flying around the corner. It is most unusaul to catch an F3 so low. Notice how all the surfaces are extended to help slow down and give greater manouverability, what a sight and in the new defence grey too!! [Nikon D70 with 80-400VR] (mehr von ZE162)
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XV714 A busy period onboard the current Royal Navy flagship [Nikon D70 and 80-400VR] (mehr von XV714)