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UK46658 Stored. Damaged beyond the repair while departing in 2009. Fortunately, but no one injured! Currently, reg number painted, plane removed from the register. Exlusive shot! (mehr von UK46658)
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UP-AN423 Although SCAT Air announced discontinuation of AN-24 service, this aircraft still flies and beats the modern jetliners with its amazing engine sound! Operating as flight DV 766 from Taraz (DMB) (mehr von UP-AN423)
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P-537 in Sondok Airport, Humhang waiting for the flight back to Pyongyang the next day. (mehr von P-537)
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P-537 in Sondok Airport, Humhang after the charter-flight from Pyongyang, First picture in database! (mehr von P-537)


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4L-MJX c/n 17307004. Accident with nose gear damage on 18.09.2008. (mehr von 4L-MJX)