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EC-IZH Iberia line up at Barajas. Notice the only B757 in the background (now retired from service), and the "Retro" A319. (mehr von EC-IZH)
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EC-KQC New type, new name and new scheme for this Pullmantur B744, seen on delivery flight from SIN (ex. 9V-SMZ) (mehr von EC-KQC)
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EI-DIP c/n 339. New type for Air One, formerly flying as A6-EYW with Etihad. (mehr von EI-DIP)
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D-ABVF As we were flying from DME to MAD, we met this DLH Jumbo over Poland on its way back home from Eastern Asia (mehr von D-ABVF)
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EC-GMU Flying as MPD300, we overtook them in the Canaries corridor (mehr von EC-GMU)
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D-ABOF Flying from HAJ to TFS as CFG462, is seen flying over Andalucia from Iberia�s EC-ILR, as we were 2000� below this beauty. Dedicated to F/O Sarah Grassy for her kindness. (mehr von D-ABOF)
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EC-KAJ Arriving to MAD after its flight from Buenos Aires. A beautiful new scheme for this former Virgin Atlantic plane. (mehr von EC-KAJ)
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TF-ARS This is the latest B743 leased by Iberia from Air Atlanta as it awaits for two B744s (mehr von TF-ARS)
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EC-HTB Ready for take off bound for MAN as IBE6912. (mehr von EC-HTB)
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EC-HTB Lined up on Rwy 06L, ready for departure bound to BCN as IBE6911, dedicated to the MAN spotters!. (mehr von EC-HTB)
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EC-HTB Landing on Rwy 06R, dedicated to the MAN spotters!. (mehr von EC-HTB)
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OH-LB? Heading South, bound to the Canary Islands (mehr von OH-LB?)
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EC-IOH One of three JKK A320s wearing the Star Alliance scheme. (mehr von EC-IOH)
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F-GUGD The fourth A318 for the french company. (mehr von F-GUGD)
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N60669 Showing to the press how good the Conexion Internet service is!. Dedicated to Luis Calvo, who was flying on board. (mehr von N60669)
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D-ABZE Finally with sunshine!. This PLM B742, flying for Olympic Airlines, was brought by Santa for Diego, Luis y Javier, de Victoria y Ariel. (mehr von D-ABZE)
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PP-VTH Finally with sunshine!. This new Star Alliance MD11 " was brought by Santa for Diego, Luis y Javier, de Victoria y Ariel. (mehr von PP-VTH)
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LV-OOZ Finally with sunshine!. The "Boca Juniors pentacampeones" was brought by Santa for Diego, Luis y Javier, de Victoria y Ariel. (mehr von LV-OOZ)
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EC-HGY Cruising on top of the clouds across Europe, in a great "office", and with a gorgeous sunset. What else can you ask for? (mehr von EC-HGY)
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The Polderbaan (Rwy 18R) as seen on short final from the cockpit. Dedicated to the spotters taking pictures there that day!.
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EC-ISY Brand new company!!. This former Iberia B752, is now configured in a VIP sole Class, and today made its appearance out of the paint shop, and it also made its first revenue flight, to Morocco. (mehr von EC-ISY)
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EC-GZY "Santo Domingo", landing on Rwy 33L (mehr von EC-GZY)