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VT-IZR Morning departure in front of RGIA’s 75m. ATC tower as 6E269 bound for Vadodara. (mehr von VT-IZR)
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IN431 Flying off Ramakrishna Beach. Alouette IIIs were ordered by the Indian Navy in 1962 but were requisitioned by the IAF during the Sino-Indian War. The Navy received its Alouette IIIs in 1964 and these formed a flight aboard INS Vikrant. Later, INAS 321 Angels was formed in 1969 and its Chetaks have been detached for SAR and liaison duties to ships and stations as required. A Chetak flight also served in Antarctica. At the time of this photo, the type had completed nearly 52 years in naval service. (mehr von IN431)
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C1174 On display at Yashwant Place at Chanakyapuri. Licence built by HAL, the FL was an improved version of the PF and similar to the PFM. The FL served the IAF well during the 1971 war and was succeeded by the M, MF and MiG-21bis versions. (mehr von C1174)
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VT-IVO On short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA on a winter morning as 6E6323 from Hyderabad. The aircraft was delivered as new to IndiGo on 23 July 2018. (mehr von VT-IVO)
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A6-EEA EK701 from Dubai on short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a cloudy summer morning. (mehr von A6-EEA)
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NX37061 On display at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, NASM. Designed by Frank N. Piasecki, the PV-2 was the second helicopter to be flown successfully in the USA. Weighing 454 kg, it was powered by a Franklin 90 hp engine. Piasecki was testing PV-2’s systems on April 11, 1943 when the tether broke and the helicopter became airborne. He had 14 hours of flying time in a Piper Cub, and so became his own helicopter test pilot. Piasecki was the first person in the US to qualify for a helicopter pilot’s license. (mehr von NX37061)
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VT-IUJ Parked at Gate D62 at IGIA T-3 in the afternoon, preparing for departure as 6E6186 to Mumbai. This aircraft was delivered as new to Indigo in Dec. 2019. (mehr von VT-IUJ)
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92-3883 (WW) BOURBON 1 rocketing off the runway as Capt. Jake Primo Impellizzeri starts his scintillating display in the afternoon at Aero India 2019. This PACAF Demo Team F-16 has been drawn from the 13th FS Panther Pack based at Misawa, Japan. (mehr von 92-3883)
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W1745 Hemmed in by lampposts, trees and hedges at Shaheed Smarak Park, Noida, this Iskra should be effectively camouflaged in a few years. The Iskra was inducted in the IAF in Oct. 1975 and served as a stage two trainer for many years for pilots selected for MiG squadrons. The Iskra jet training fleet was decommissioned from the IAF in 2004. (mehr von W1745)
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B888 Enjoying summer morning sunshine at IAF Museum Palam after exhibits inside the main hangar have been relocated. The length of the aircraft can be better appreciated outdoors. Six IAF squadrons flew the Su-7 in the ground-attack role from 1968 to 1986. (mehr von B888)
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JQ8501 On display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum. Japan’s National Aerospace Laboratory converted a C-1 for STOL tests and to reduce the noise footprint. Four newly-built FJR710/600S turbofans were mounted on top and ahead of the wings to generate lift using the Coandă effect by upper surface blowing (USB) through vortex generators onto the flaps. The sole Asuka or ‘flying bird’ was retired in March 1989 after 97 flights and 167 flight hours, achieving 509m for takeoff and 449m for landing. (mehr von JQ8501)
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KC-3812 Super Hercules from No. 87 Sqn. Raiding Raptors on static display on a hot day at Aero India 2021. (mehr von KC-3812)


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VT-SGV Nigella on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as SG820 from Port Blair. The aircraft was newly delivered to SpiceJet in Nov. 2011. (mehr von VT-SGV)
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62-3553 As the light fades, it’s an all-American affair on the far side of the ramp as the KC-135R of 909 ARS Young Tigers based at Kadena Air Base is pushed back after Aero India 2015 comes to an end on the last day. The R designation started in the 1980s as existing KC-135 engines were replaced with CFM-56 turbofans. Other American built aircraft visible on the ramp are the nose of an F-15D of 44th FS, a P-8A of VP-45 “Pelicans and C-17As of the USAF and IAF. (mehr von 62-3553)
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BS001 First in the IAF Rafale series of these multi-role combat aircraft from No. 17 Sqn. Golden Arrows rocketing into the air at Aero India 2021. This is the maiden participation of the Rafale at Aero India. The BS prefix is in honor of Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa to thank the former IAF Chief for his role in procuring the much-needed jets, the first of which arrived on 29 July 2020 at Ambala AFS and was received by Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, Chief of the Air Staff. (mehr von BS001)
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VT-ULX Ultralight in derelict condition at Jakkur Aerodrome. These were built at Corman Air Park, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and powered with a 65 hp engine with a MTOW of 194 kg. (mehr von VT-ULX)
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VT-KNP Attractive white bird taxiing past at Aero India 2021. This is HAL’S new civilian Do-228. With a view to promote Govt’s UDAN regional connectivity policy, the Hindi title Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik, translated as Let the Common Citizen of the Country Fly is displayed on the nose. The Hindi inscription at the rear translates as Made in India. Intended to carry 19 passengers, the aircraft has an AUW of 6200 kg and is equipped with five-bladed propellers for noise reduction and better performance. (mehr von VT-KNP)
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VT-CIE Morning arrival at NSCBIA as AI-1229 from Dhaka. (mehr von VT-CIE)
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A4O-DF Taxiing in at IGIA T-3 on a typically grey winter afternoon at Delhi as WY245 from Muscat. (mehr von A4O-DF)
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ZD4052 Hovering over the active at about 4 deg. nose up pitch, this ALH prepares to land in the morning at Aero India 2021 with its main rotor rotating at 314 rpm. This is the fixed wheel variant with a maximum AUW of 5750 kg. The ALH can carry an electro-optical pod, an array of sensors and up to 14 troops. It can land at helipads at 20,000 feet. (mehr von ZD4052)
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19-5173 Blue Impulse T-2 on display at Gifu-Kakamigahara Air and Space Museum. Japans first independently developed supersonic jet training aircraft was powered by two 32.5 kN Ishikawajima-Harima TF40-IHI-801A turbofans. The prototype first flew on July 20, 1971 from Nagoya Airfield, and 96 of the type were produced till 1988. Blue Impulse replaced its F-86F with the T-2 in 1982 and it remained the mount of the aerobatic team till 1995. (mehr von 19-5173)
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ZV4811 Apache Indian! The potent Apache of 125(H) Sqn. Gladiators equipped with the Ka band Longbow FCR and Hellfire missile stands for all to admire at Aero India 2021. Inducted on 3 Sept. 2019 by Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa at AFS Pathankot, the helicopter is a force multiplier on the battlefield. It was interesting to see how much interest the Apache generated among Army Aviation Corps pilots at the airshow, who will receive their machines in 2021. (mehr von ZV4811)
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CG763 Do-228 belonging to CGAS 700 commences its maritime patrol carrying a pair of Oil Spill Dispersant (OSD) Spray Pods with a capacity of 191 litres each. This aircraft is one of the initial 101 Series. CGAS 700 is the first fixed-wing unit of the Indian Coast Guard that was activated with two Fokker F-27s on 30 July 1983 to cover the Bay of Bengal region. The unit operates under the operational control of Coast Guard District Headquarters at Haldia. (mehr von CG763)
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VT-IUY Indigos new A321 taxiing out to the shorter Rwy 19R at NSCBIA for departure in the morning as 6E6143 bound for Bengaluru. (mehr von VT-IUY)
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A3674 The drop-dead gorgeous paint scheme of the Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team makes it stand out among all aerobatic teams. Sqn Ldr Navjot Singh taxiis out as Surya Kiran 8 towards Rwy 09 in the morning for a formation take off at Aero India 2021. (mehr von A3674)