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VT-IJF Taxiing out for departure as 6E-5327 to Bangalore. (mehr von VT-IJF)
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JA8978 Ready for departure as JL512 to Tokyo. (mehr von JA8978)
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B-16333 The autumn evening light falls on BR115 as it rolls out for departure from Sapporo to Taipei. (mehr von B-16333)
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A6-EOK EK701 from Dubai on short final at Plaisance on a cloudy summer morning. (mehr von A6-EOK)
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N7001U On display at the Museum of Flight Airpark next to CF-TGE. This was the prototype Boeing 727 that was delivered to United Air Lines; Boeing did not retain it as a flight test aircraft. It remained with the airline for its entire 27-year career, having flown 64,495 hours, made 48,060 landings and carried around three million passengers. After making its last revenue flight in 1991, the 727 finally flew to the Museum in March 2016. (mehr von N7001U)
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42-8205 On display at the Museum of Flight. This Thunderbolt was recovered from La Paz for restoration. “Big Stud” is painted in the markings of Col. Robert L. Baseler, CO of 325th FG from July 1943 to April 1944 in the Mediterranean Theater. The 325th FG wore the distinctive black and yellow checkertail on its P-40s, P-47s and P-51s. (mehr von 42-8205)
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JA857A Arriving at Sapporo on a cold autumn afternoon as NH1225 from Sendai. (mehr von JA857A)
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N213US Forward section on display at the Museum of Flight. This 737 was built in 1969 and flew as "Tar Heel Pacemaker" with Piedmont Airlines. That airline was integrated into US Airways, which donated the plane in 1995 to the Museum of Flight. This aircraft was equipped with a forward airstair. (mehr von N213US)
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B-16227 Departing Sapporo for Taipei as BR165. (mehr von B-16227)
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JA8984 Taxiing out for departure as JL510 to Tokyo. (mehr von JA8984)
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JA623J Preparing for departure from Haneda as JL125 to Osaka. (mehr von JA623J)
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JA111A Currently the oldest A321 in ANA's fleet, this aircraft is all set for departure as NH405 from Haneda to Akita. (mehr von JA111A)
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JA135A Taxiing past JA131A and JA114A as it arrives at Haneda as NH656 from Okayama. (mehr von JA135A)
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JA03XJ Taxiing out for departure from Haneda as JL315 to Fukuoka. (mehr von JA03XJ)
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JA708A Taxiing out for departure as NH255 bound for Fukuoka on a wet day after Typhoon Hagibis. (mehr von JA708A)
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JA833A Arriving at Haneda on a wet day after Typhoon Hagibis as NH584 from Matsuyama. (mehr von JA833A)
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RP-C8784 Set to depart as PR431 for Manila. (mehr von RP-C8784)
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3B-NAU "Pink Pigeon" with a grey nose approaching Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a summer morning. (mehr von 3B-NAU)
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147212 One of 88 built, this "Willy Fudd" previously wore the code AF0101 of RVAW-110, the West Coast E-1B training squadron. Displayed on the deck of USS Intrepid, its tail code "AU" signifies this E-1B formed part of Antisubmarine Carrier Air Group CVSG-56. It wears the colors of VAW-121 "Griffins", created out of VAW-12 on 1 April 1967 to service East Coast E-1B requirements. VAW-121 was embarked on USS Intrepid in 1971 and was the last fleet E-1B squadron. (mehr von 147212)
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154167 On display at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, National Air and Space Museum. The Intruder excelled as an all-weather strike aircraft, despite the Navy losing 59 and the Marines losing 25 over Vietnam during 1965-73. This Intruder was built as an A-6A at Long Island, later being converted to an A-6E. It is a veteran of Vietnam, serving with VMA(AW)-533 “Hawks” at Chu Lai, and of Desert Storm. (mehr von 154167)
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54-0177 On display at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, National Air and Space Museum. This Super Connie served with the Atlantic Division of MATS from Charleston AFB, with the 183rd ATS of the Mississippi ANG, with the 167th MAS of the West Virginia ANG and finally with 193rd Tactical Electronic Warfare Sqn. at Olmstead AFB until Nov. 1977. It was auctioned to Classic Air as N1104W for a civilian career that didn't materialize. Restoration in West Virginia ANG colors was done by NASM. (mehr von 54-0177)
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G-ZBKK Eleventh BA Boeing 787-9 undergoing test flights at Paine Field one week before delivery. (mehr von G-ZBKK)
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