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A6-EOJ EK701 from Dubai on short final at Plaisance on a cloudy winter morning. (mehr von A6-EOJ)
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VT-ANE Getting aired at IGIA T-3 for a night flight to LHR. (mehr von VT-ANE)
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VT-EXO Departing CSMIA on a cloudy day as AI921 to Riyadh. This aircraft was newly delivered to Air India on 20 Nov 2018 and carries Star Alliance colors. (mehr von VT-EXO)
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167835 Seahawk from HSC-12 "Golden Falcons" approaching NAF Atsugi in the afternoon. (mehr von 167835)
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NL15HM Inside the hangar at Planes of Fame Air Museum. This airworthy Cadet was delivered as target drone 44-21895 to the USAAF for live gunnery practice. It was radio-controlled, had a retractable landing gear and rudimentary control panel, which allowed it to be flown by a ferry pilot when required. A total of 2,043 were built, of which very few survive. Most were blasted out of the sky by AA gunners. (mehr von NL15HM)
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A6-EDU On short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a cloudy morning as EK701 from Dubai. (mehr von A6-EDU)
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S7-VEV Morning arrival at SSRIA of "Veuve" as HM49 from Victoria. Newly delivered to Air Seychelles on 31 Jul 2019, the aircraft is named after the Veuve Special Reserve on La Digue Island, which is home to the endangered Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher bird. (mehr von S7-VEV)
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F-GEXA On short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a cloudy summer morning. The aircraft joined the Air France fleet on 29 Dec 1992 after serving with UTA. It was broken up in 2012. (mehr von F-GEXA)
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F-OLRC Winter morning arrival at SSRIA of UU104 from Reunion. This Dreamliner with the "Mayotte" title was newly delivered to Air Austral on 20 May 2016 and is one of two in their current fleet, making the airline the first 787 French operator. (mehr von F-OLRC)
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VT-YAE Passing by a wildlife sanctuary on board QP1108 en route from AMD to BOM. New airline Akasa Air's friendly cabin crew and the latest MAX in its growing fleet was quite a pleasant experience, the aircraft rock steady through cloudy skies. (mehr von VT-YAE)
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N93R Immaculate Electra at Yanks Air Museum. During World War II, this Electra was based across the USA in USAAF service as a utility aircraft. (mehr von N93R)
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EC-NBO Powering down the active at SSRIA on a winter morning as E9838 to Madrid. (mehr von EC-NBO)


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N4250Y BuNo 19075 under restoration at Yanks Air Museum. Visible is the 1,900 hp R-2600-20 Twin Cyclone radial engine, housing for 20mm cannon and the wide wheel track. The first USN squadron to fly the SB2C-1 in anger was VB-17 operating from USS Bunker Hill in 1943. The Helldiver started to replace the Dauntless in 1944, but the aircraft was not as well liked. Nevertheless, the SB2C-3 equipped fleet carriers of TF38 in time for Leyte Gulf. In a coordinated carrier air group attack, Helldivers went first. (mehr von N4250Y)
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OE-LCL Winter morning arrival at SSRIA of KF2301 from Brussels. This aircraft formerly operated as A6-EYU with Etihad Airways. (mehr von OE-LCL)
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NL7715C Light falls on "Wee Willy II" in the hangar at Planes of Fame Air Museum. This airworthy Mustang was built at Dallas in 1944. After serving with the ANG, it went into private ownership in 1958. It was converted to a racer in 1964 and set the world speed record for piston engine aircraft of 499.018 mph as RB-51 “Red Baron” in the hands of Steve Hinton on 14 Aug 79, being destroyed in a crash a month later. The fuselage of P-51D 44-73053 was used to restore 44-84961, painted in the colors of the 357th FG. (mehr von NL7715C)
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3B-NCF On short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a cloudy winter morning as MK17 from CDG. This aircraft operated for less than four months in 2019-20 with South African Airways as ZS-SDF. (mehr von 3B-NCF)
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NX4235Y "Mrs. Virginia", the only airworthy P-51A (NA-99) at Planes of Fame Air Museum. Powered by an Allison V-1710-81 V-12, this model was an improvement over the P-51 (NA-91) with its V-1710-39 engine. Armament was changed from the long-barrelled 20mm Hispano to four 0.50 in Browning MGs. A contract was placed for 1,200 of which 310 were built, with 50 going to the RAF before production switched to the Merlin-powered P-51B. Under Col. Phil Cochran, the P-51A served as a fighter in 1ACG in the CBI theatre. (mehr von NX4235Y)
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OE-LPD "Spirit of Austria" painted in "my Sound of Austria" special colours turning around on Rwy 14 at Plaisance for departure on a cloudy morning as OS18 to Vienna. (mehr von OE-LPD)
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3B-NBO "Les Mascareignes" on short final for Rwy 14 at SSRIA on a cloudy morning. (mehr von 3B-NBO)
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G-YMMC On short final for Rwy 14 at Plaisance on a winter morning as BA2065 from LGW. (mehr von G-YMMC)
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9H-SUN Morning arrival of MK749 from BOM. This A340 has been operating on wet lease to serve the MRU-BOM-MRU route since 1st April. Its last MK flight ended on 20 Apr 2023. (mehr von 9H-SUN)
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N90EZ On display in the Research and Development Gallery at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) produced a Pulsed Detonation Engine (PDE) in the 2000s using off-the-shelf automotive components. Shockwaves from controlled detonations of the fuel-air mixture provided a peak thrust of about 200 lb at around 125 decibels through four tubes at the back. After a five-year joint effort with Innovative Scientific Solutions Inc. (ISSI), Pete Siebold flew the first manned PDE flight in this modified Rutan Long-EZ "Borealis" on 31 Jan 08 at Mojave. It only flew once. (mehr von N90EZ)
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JA601J Afternoon arrival at Haneda as JL258 from Hiroshima. This is currently the oldest active B767 in JAL’s fleet, having been delivered on 19 May 02. (mehr von JA601J)