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YU-ABB This plane was made in 1942 and was sent as a help to Europe after serving his time in US Airforce. It was adjusted for civil purposes in Czehoslovakia. On March 4, 1947 it flyed from Czehoslovakia to Yugoslavia and became passanger plane in JAT. The first commercila flight for JAT was made on April 4, 1947 on teh route Belgarde-Ljubljana-Belgrade. The registartion mark is YU-ABB and at teh same time military registartion was 7302 - at that time we all were army. After being damaged in a storm on flight Belgarde-Sarajevo it was withdrawn on September 12, 1967. Since that time it lies in the Airforce museum in Belgarde. YU-ABB was the first plane of JAT company. (mehr von YU-ABB)
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25001 Inside Aviation Museum Belgrade. the first prototip with the eagle logo is central exhibition object. (mehr von 25001)
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23108 Inside Aviation Museum Belgrade with part of Soko G-4 Super Galeb, c/n 23733 tail in background. (mehr von 23108)
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82-0806 (HO) Canopy from F-117A aircraft shot down on 29 March 1999 by a SA-6 missile near village Budjanovci, Serbia. The pilot ejected safely, a Combat Search and Rescue team of the USAF brought the pilot back to his squadron (7th FS). (mehr von 82-0806)
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71214 Ex USAF: 44-76888 and ex RAF: KN586. Displayed in front of the Museum of Yugoslav Aviation. (mehr von 71214)
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71301 Displayed in front of the "Museum of Yugoslav Aviation". (mehr von 71301)
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88-0550 (AV) From 555th FS, lost over Serbia May 2, 1999. Suffered engine failure over Metic, Serbia. (mehr von 88-0550)


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YU-ANF Misty morning in Belgrade. Later security explain as that photographing with "profesional cameras" is not allowed from "spotters hill" without written permission from Belgrade airport authority. (mehr von YU-ANF)
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