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TC-JGG First Turkish B.738 with the new tulip livery.Taken before our test flight. (mehr von TC-JGG)
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60-6940 USAF. BFI, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA, USA. Based one the SR 71 Blackbird, two M-21 /and 20 D-21 was designed for CIA and Air Force surveillance missions. On the top of the M-21 - Mothership, the D-21 - Daughter drone was mounted. The D-21's ramjet engine propelled its speeds over 2000 mph / 3200 kmh (mehr von 60-6940)
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N100D BFI, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA, USA. A flying automobile! Aerocar was a "roadable" airplane certified for use as both a plane and an automobile. Certificated from the FAA 1956. (mehr von N100D)
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N979K "Newsboy" was purchased 1929 by the the Daily Gazette, Nebraska and flew every day to 40 towns and dropd a bundle of newspapers out a hole in the bottom of the fuslage. Museum of Flight, BFI, Seattle, WA, USA (mehr von N979K)