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XA-TPS This one goes dedicated to my friend and Flight School classmate Cap. Sergio Cervantes Flying this Beauty outbound Mexico City (mehr von XA-TPS)
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XA-AFX Very Sad this nice machine crashed like 2 years ago over a Restaurant in Mexico City Everyone died. This 1 goes to them! (mehr von XA-AFX)
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XA-AFX / This was a kind Captain. He let my took this pic flying near the Control Tower (mehr von XA-AFX)
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N101LF / Taken form the Control Tower on a wet day (mehr von N101LF)
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N25673 Continental's DC-3 This was a charity flight, 450 poor children got a chance to go to school, and a lot of them got a ride, thanks to Continental and Proyecto Rayo de Luz (mehr von N25673)
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N70BF c/n 43720. I'll like to dedicate with all my heart this pic, to my Instrument and Jeppesen Instuctor. CAP Jose Luis Ramirez Zazueta "El Loco" (mehr von N70BF)


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82-8000 is seen after landing in BJX. It's being pushedback to Bravo taxyway. 92-9000 (used that day as Air Force One) is seen in the background. (mehr von 82-8000)
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TP-07 c/n 386. ex N316GA, N902K and N902KB. Not because I'm Mexican but I love the paint of the GATP In English will be Presidential Air Transport Group. (mehr von TP-07)
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XA-AHM c/n 161. ex N17589, XA-ABC, XC-FEZ, XC-CFE, XC-UJK/TP-04, XB-GSN and XA-RUS. Became N666JT and N668JT. This is a 1975 bird. (mehr von XA-AHM)
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MT-362 / The cockpit and the Marina Seal below the window (mehr von MT-362)
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MT-362 / The Crew doing some stuff on the Engine (mehr von MT-362)
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MT-362 / Something to Drink? The Gold Color in the Glasses is Real Gold (mehr von MT-362)