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G-CEAH Displayed at the Bournemouth Aviation Museum and tells the story of Bath Travel and Palmair (mehr von G-CEAH)
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G-BEYF The nose section has been bead blasted to remove the paint and is awaiting a repaint in Channel EXpress colours at the Bournemouth Aviatioin Museum. (mehr von G-BEYF)
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XM404 A recent arrival for the Bournemouth Aviation Museum having been previously displayed at Aeroventure at Doncaster. It has recently been blasted stripping the paint off ready for a repaint. (mehr von XM404)
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G-BKRL Displayed at Bournemouth Aviation Museum. Recently repainted and restored. One of only two aircraft built. Originally both aircraft were at the old site of the Bournemouth Aviation Museum but the other aircraft G-BRNM is now with the Midland Air Museum at Coventry (mehr von G-BKRL)
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G-ISLG This former Blue Islands aircraft was broken up at Kemble and transported to the seafront at Bournemouth for use as a bar during the seafront air show in the summer. It was then moved to the Bournemouth Aviation Museum for storage and temporary display (mehr von G-ISLG)
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Looking down runway 08 clearly showing the extension that was added in 1998
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G-GNSS Built in 2017 and used for runway and radio nav aid calibration work (mehr von G-GNSS)
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G-BSLM Built in 1962. Two of the PA28's based with Fly With Me Aviation at Bournemouth. (mehr von G-BSLM)