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VT-JGD one of two -900s in the fleet of Jet Airways, mainly used on the Bombay-Delhi run (mehr von VT-JGD)
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VT-KAC A bad day for Kingfisher Airlines! Flight IT-4124 Bhavnagar -Mumbai with 42 passengers / 4 crew overshot Mumbai's already shortened runway 27A (due to runway resurfacing work) in light rain and reduced visibility at around 16:40 local time and is stuck in soft ground. Passengers evacuated. Extensive damage to fuselage, landing gears, and port propeller! That ATR is certainly not flying ever again! (mehr von VT-KAC)
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K2413 With the stringent security blanket that accompanies every VIP visit to BOM, it was one helluva experience grabbing this one! (mehr von K2413)
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UR-82007 A pair of "CONDORS" at either end of a deafening queue left me enthralled and choked for words....how i wish this special day never ended ! The stage was set...the actors playing their part to perfection. Undoubtedly, Unarguably, my most momentous BOM spotting experience ever!!! I can reminisce about this unforgettable spotting trip over and over again and and it all seems like yesterday….Time flies! THANK YOU Gianluca Reinarz for your magical touch! This one goes out to Erwin Fernandes & Norman Tellis! (mehr von UR-82007)
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SX-BEM Outbound to Greece carrying Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Petros Doukas who visited India on 12-13 November 2007 for a Joint Economic Commission meeting ! (mehr von SX-BEM)
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OE-LAE It's never easy catching an Austrian 763 @ BOM , they're always in a tearing hurry ! This was my lucky night! Sadly Austrian has ceased services to BOM. This is also the first 763 to be refitted with winglets for the European launch customer. Would love to see this splendid bird again in her new avatar! (mehr von OE-LAE)