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N102DA Not 2 days after its unveiling, the repainted "Spirit of Delta" came to Boston. (mehr von N102DA)
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N310DA The first time I photographed this plane was on its first trip into BOS and it was cloudy. Imagine how happy I was to see this sucker in great weather. Needless to say I shot more than just a few frames! (mehr von N310DA)
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N303DL - Thanks to a good friend for this opportunity. (mehr von N303DL)
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F-GHGH "Golf Hotel" turns into gate E8A. You may see the first officer peering over his window making sure he won't run me over ;) (mehr von F-GHGH)
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F-GHGG - The one whose paint has fallen off all over the place (it's not dirty!), being towed to terminal C around 19h00. (mehr von F-GHGG)
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F-GLZR - a rare ontime departure haha, all up in yer face :P (mehr von F-GLZR)
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F-GLZH - BOS had the pleasure of welcoming the A340 between June and September. (mehr von F-GLZH)
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F-GZCD - My first opportunity to catch the new A330s on film--'chrome that is ;) (mehr von F-GZCD)