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N814FD The world is not time for this by mechanical problems. (mehr von N814FD)
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N531JL The new barcode arriving from MCO. new in database. (mehr von N531JL)
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N806MR The new toy in the Aguadilla area now based on the new Dash 8 -300. (mehr von N806MR)
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02-1102 Another one coming I love seeing these ships arrive and depart. (mehr von 02-1102)
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87-0036 Unfortunately the cloud landing this beautiful ship arriving early BQN forgive the weather. (mehr von 87-0036)


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70-0460 Member of the 105th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard is based at Stewart Air National Guard Base ready for depart from BQN at moments of its noisy takeoff. thanks to Kimberley for the info Really Thanks. (mehr von 70-0460)
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PH-MCY At my first day in BQN catching this big MD-11 nice view. (mehr von PH-MCY)
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N997AM Wooohoooo! Aereomexico in BQN do the Center American Olympic Games.! Delegation of Mexico inside! (mehr von N997AM)