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F-GUFB SAMU 68 taking-off rwy 33 to Germany after picking up one of three victims of the accident of a Swiss Piper PA-28 registered HB-PNP. Electrical problem and engine on fire. (mehr von F-GUFB)
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P4-MES The Bandit seen arriving at Basel for the usual maintenance. (mehr von P4-MES)
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HA-LWH Evening arrival on Rwy 15, arriving from Nis as W6 4263. (mehr von HA-LWH)
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HA-LWK Reversing on Rwy 15, arriving from Tuzla as W6 4293. (mehr von HA-LWK)
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A7-BFD Rolling out all the way on Rwy 15, arriving from Luxembourg as QR8646. (mehr von A7-BFD)
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A7-BAK Rolling through all the way to the end of Rwy 15, arriving from Doha as QR8860, operating a cargo flight. (mehr von A7-BAK)
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SP-LGM Rolling for take-off on Rwy 16 after diverting from Zurich earlier on. This airframe went on to fly with various airlines around the globe, in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Spain, Brazil and most recently in the US with Trans States Airlines. (mehr von SP-LGM)
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D-AEWP Arriving on Rw 16 from Frankfurt. Retired in 2009, but exported to Iran via Ukraine and still active with Mahan Air as EP-MOM. (mehr von D-AEWP)
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F-GPXL Accelerating on Rwy 16 for its flight back to Paris CDG. Retired from Air France duty in 2013 and now active with the Centre d'Essais en Vol (French flight test centre) as F-ZAFT, based in Cazaux. (mehr von F-GPXL)
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D-AWKG Very quick rotation off Rwy 16, so probably on its way home to its base at Schwaebisch Hall. (mehr von D-AWKG)
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SU-LBG Accelerating on Rwy 16 for its flight back home to Egypt. Went on to fly with Zest Air, which later became the Philippines arm of AirAsia. Broken up at Kemble in 2018. (mehr von SU-LBG)
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F-GHQA Arriving on Rwy 16 from Paris-Orly. Withdrawn from use in 2008 after more than 19 years' service with Air Inter and then Air France. Broken up in Roswell in April 2008. (mehr von F-GHQA)
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D-AHFG Rolling for take-off on Rwy 16. Became EI-EEA with Transaero in 2009, before joining Blue Air as YR-BMH in January 2017. Withdrawn from use and stored in St. Athan (Wales) in May 2020. (mehr von D-AHFG)
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D-ABXR "Celle", lining up on Rwy 16 via Twy H while the runway was getting re-surfaced in its northern-most part. Withdrawn from use in March 2012 and then ferried to Tulsa, where it got scrapped the same year. (mehr von D-ABXR)
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LZ-LDY About to line up on Rwy 16 for departure back home to Bulgaria. Still with some cheat lines from Alitalia, where it flew as I-DAWY before. Withdrawn from use and stored in Varna in October 2017. (mehr von LZ-LDY)
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HB-IXH One of just for RJ85s in the fleet, approaching a shortened Rwy 16 at BSL with a very dirty belly. Became OY-RCE with Atlantic Airways and is still active in Chile as CC-AJS with Aerovias DAP. (mehr von HB-IXH)