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N8923E Used the ledge of a dumpster as a tripod for this shot! This a/c was parked at the "parking spot" next to AirTran's gate 9 at The BUF! (mehr von N8923E)
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N8923E This is what a worm would probably see when looking up to this 9! (mehr von N8923E)
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N949AT Sunshine and angry grey skies make for an interesting background to this FL "classic!" (mehr von N949AT)
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N133UP Storm clouds to the north make for a nice background on yet another warm day on the BUF cargo ramp. (mehr von N133UP)
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N214WN "Maryland One" is finally captured on film for the first time in BUF. She'd been here a couple of other times, but I just wasn't able to get a shot of her. At long last, I've got one! (mehr von N214WN)
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N899AT 1st time for "semi-grouper" number 747 in the database. Seen here departing gate 9 at BUF for ATL. (mehr von N899AT)