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N163UP First time for this a/c in the database. I wish UPS would send more of this color scheme to The BUF :-) (mehr von N163UP)
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N956AT An old gal with a new dress under overcast early evening skies at The BUF. This shot was taken as flt 551, after a "short" 3 hour delay due to weather taxis to rwy 23 bound for ATL which had the weather issues. (mehr von N956AT)
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N922AT Nothing like that new plane smell (which is somewhat pleasant actually)! This new gal is FL "semi-grouper" 748 which is being used for flt 553 to ATL on a hot (and I mean hot) and hazy evening at The BUF! (mehr von N922AT)
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N274FE Gentlemen say hello to Jessica! This is her first time in the pp.net database so she might be a bit apprehensive at first. I did hear that she really loves the night life though considering that's when she does most of her activity. At least here at The BUF for that matter!! (mehr von N274FE)
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N767TW Nice to see an old cargo bird like this one grace The BUF with its presence! The first officer is doing his walk-around just prior to their flight! (mehr von N767TW)
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N243FE Ladies, say hello to Brandon!! This is his first time in the pp.net database so he may be a little bit shy at first :-) (mehr von N243FE)
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